Within the professional football club Vitesse there's a sports science department, focussing of performance optimization, talent identification, and talent development. In this department more RUG students have done Master graduation research internship, in the last seasons between 1-4 students have completed their master graduation project there (see examples below). As a part of doing the research internship (besides the actual MAP) the students become a part of the daily activities in the club. By supporting the staff in the club the interns gains valuable experience in the field of sports science and especially in linking knowledge to practise. Internships are normally coordinated with supervising professors.

MAP examples:
Executive function and decision making/passing skill
The influence of score on physical performance
Stroposcopic visual skill training in talented youth players.
Visual search behaviour in positioning games
Monitoring an eight week ‘high load low velocity’ and a ‘low load high velocity’ strength training program (more in depth description)

In this projecht 31 youth elite soccer players from Vitesse (U19 and U17) encountered during the season an eight weekstrength training program. One half of the team performed specific exercises with a low weight and a high velocity, the other half with relative high weights and a low velocity. Parameters were sprint and jump performance. After the posttests the progression of both groups is measured and compared to each other. Based on the results a new strength training program will be composed

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